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Halal Expo Europe 2015

Halal Expo Europe 2015Halal Expo Europe 2015

The first edition of Halal Expo Europe will take place from 15 to 16 April, in Beursgebouw Eindhoven, Netherlands. Halal Expo Europe is an important trade fair for entrepreneurs who are active in the rapidly growing halal industry.

Europe is a very important and valuable market for the producers of halal products, with more than 50 million Muslims. Partly because of the high purchasing power of the European Muslim community, the European halal industry has an estimated worth of almost 70 billion dollars. The Netherlands is the ideal place to bring together entrepreneurs from the global halal industry, according to the festival website (

During Halal Expo Europe the focus will be on the halal industry, with special attention to food, cosmetics and finance. Besides the presence of over 100 exhibitors that are operating in the global halal industry, lectures, panel discussions and seminars will be held with the aim of transferring knowledge.

With hundreds of visitors from more than 20 countries expected to attend the expo. Halal Expo Europe 2015 promises to be a multicultural and international event.

International conferences and seminars will be held during the event. A variety of topics will be covered, including market trends, strategic developments and future expectations. Special attention will be given to the major changes (on a European and global level) with regard to politics, consumption and production and international networks.

The seminars will present different perspectives on how to benefit from the growing halal market, in respond to the new legislative requirements in the in halal industry.