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Controversy over Abr Forest Road

Controversy over Abr Forest RoadControversy over Abr Forest Road

The Department of Environment (DoE has objected to the road construction in Abr forest, Semnan Province, Dolat News ( quoted natural habitat and biodiversity deputy of the DoE Ahmad-Ali Keykha as saying. However, 150 members of parliament have signed a letter to President Rouhani, asking him to authorize the road construction resume in Abr forest. “The action of the MPs is uncalled for because the protection of natural assets is upon the DoE, and its decisions should be respected,” Keykha said. The DoE is not against development projects, but of course only if they are sustainable. Today, everyone is aware of the harmful consequences of hasty decisions and ill considered developments in the past decades. Only a sustainable development can compensate for past mistakes. It is among the  policies of the DoE to spread public awareness on environmental threats.  With increased awareness, individuals will come to the government’s aid in protecting natural resources, Keykha added.