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World’s Happiest Travel Destinations

World’s Happiest Travel Destinations
World’s Happiest Travel Destinations

A simple change of pace and scenery is said to do everybody some good and to being about a sense of wellbeing.  There are however, places that are specifically geared to engender joy, excitement and happiness.

Environments that allow you to be transplanted from day-to-day worries, to experience pleasure and fun, have long been recognized as necessary ingredients of healthy people and healthy societies. Ancient empires provided wrestling, gladiatorial combat, circus performances and the like for the pleasure of their citizens.  Likewise, today enormous amusement parks are constructed for young and old to feel an adrenalin rush and engage in child-play. Moreover, countries like Bhutan have even gone further by prioritizing public wellbeing over expansion of the GDP.

The destinations below have been identified as being the most happiness inducing in the world, according to Total Travel website.  

  Panama - High Energy

According to a recent Gallup poll and Healthways Global, Panama has the world’s most positive population. Many believe the combination of a beautiful landscape, healthy economy and traditions that are closely linked to family are among the reasons why this Central American country is regarded so highly.  To feel the high energy, simply wander around local village, visit Gamboa Rainforest to learn how to make the local staples of patacones and fried plantains, or visit Cerro Punta , Panama’s highest village.

  Rottnest Island - Smiling with Quokka

If you think dolphins or dogs are the happiest creatures in the animal kingdom then think again, Australia’s very own quokka has taken the title as the World’s Happiest Animal. These species are on the endangered list though it’s hard to notice seeing them relax in the shade and feed on plentiful vegetation on the predominantly car-free Rottnest Island.  

  Brazil - Electrifying

If pictures could talk, apparently they would claim Brazil to be home to the happiest humans on earth. A recent study analyzed over 150 million Instagram posts before crowning the South American country with the highest ‘smile score’. With its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and incredible nightlife, it is quite conceivable why visitors and locals alike forget their gloomy face while there.

  Bhutan - Sublime

Bhutan is so committed to the wellbeing and happiness of its citizens that it measures its progress on Gross National Happiness opposed to GDP. After several days surrounded by magnificent Himalayan scenery, listening to prayer flags fluttering in the breeze and visiting colorful spiritual temples, there’s no doubt that you’d be measurably happier.

  Disneyland - Ignites the Inner-Child

It’s called ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ and 16 million visitors a year attest to this opinion.  It’s the place where you’re not judged for being a kid or a big kid whether you want to spin in teacups, eat giant pretzels in the shape of ‘Mouse’ ears or be a Jedi for a day.

  Thailand - The Land of Smiles

Happy go-lucky locals, some of the world’s tastiest and most affordable cuisine and picture perfect beaches. It’s no wonder Thailand has been dubbed the ‘Land of Smiles’. Travelers are sure to find smiles or ‘yim’ are contagious.

  Costa Rica - Captivating

There is a commonly heard phrase in Costa Rica: ‘pura vida’ which translates into ‘life is good’. The Central American country has topped a number of ‘World’s Happiest’ studies over the years thanks to its pristine beaches, rich-green rainforests and perhaps the fact that it is army-free.

  Belgium - Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Study after study has proved the happiness boosting benefits of chocolate. And there’s no better place to indulge in this smile-inducing sweet treat than Belgium which is home the most chocolate factories in the world and the best ‘chocolatiers’ in the business.