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Keeping the Persepolis Magnificent

Keeping the Persepolis MagnificentKeeping the Persepolis Magnificent

Persepolis museum will open in two months, Mehr News quoted the supervisor of Persepolis World Heritage Center Masud Rezaee-Monfared as saying. The displays, electric glass casing, and air conditioning system have been installed at the museum.

The drainage ditches, including those in the ancient treasury of the Persepolis, have been cleared. Tachar, the palace belonging to Darius I, a large portion of the Hall of 100 Columns, and some of the northern staircase to Apadana palace have had ramps installed to help drain the surface waters.

Tributary drainage networks will be linked to the main canals in the next operational phase. The best way to preserve the site is to keep the drainage networks alive, Rezaee-Monfared said.

An Italian crew is working on the lichens. They use advanced equipment to remove lichens, but their machine does not work on their all species. The removal is also done with chemicals, or simply by washing and brushing.  The lichen family is large and numerous. There are about 2,000 known lichen species. Among them, 60 species were identified in Persepolis; and each species may require a different removal method, Rezaee-Monfared added.

The site is also under moisture monitoring. It takes about one to one and half years to know which section of stones contain moisture.