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Greek Tourism Workshop in Tehran

Greek Tourism Workshop in TehranGreek Tourism Workshop in Tehran

The 1st Greek Tourism Workshop in Tehran, which will take place on February 16, aims to open Greece’s tourism market to Iran and increase the flow of high-income visitors to the country.

Two companies, Tourism Today Events and Mideast Travel, took the initiative of organizing an event in order to dynamically expand Iran’s growing tourism market to Greece. The event will take place at the Azadi Grand Hotel on the occasion of Aegean Airlines’ announcement that would schedule direct flights between Athens and Tehran in summer. Meanwhile, Iran Air is also considering introducing direct flights to Greece.

Furthermore, a similar event has been scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after Aegean Airlines announced that it would also introduce direct flights between Riyadh and Athens, in May.

The Greek Tourism Workshop will present Greece’s major destinations to a select audience of local tourism businesses and media representatives. Moreover, several business to business meetings between Greek tourism companies and local travel agents have been scheduled.

Owner and CEO of Mideast Travel Katerina Mousbeh stated: “The number of Iranian tourists to other countries in 2002 reached 3 million and has tripled since. Moreover, in 2010, the total expenses of Iranian tourists in the countries they visited amounted to more than 15 billion dollars. It is possible that Greece may win a large part of this market in the near future, due to the fact that Iranian tourists no longer wish to visit Persian Gulf Arab countries, while they have a great interest in Greece.