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Bridge Will Link Two Tourist Sites

Bridge Will Link Two Tourist SitesBridge Will Link Two Tourist Sites

The tourism infrastructure in Shahr-Kord, capital city of Chahrmahal-Bakhtiari Province is being expanded, Mehr News reported. The construction of the longest tourist bridge in the province is among the developmental plans.

Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari has been recently receiving more tourists than ever – both domestic visiors as well as from abroad. The new tourism surge has made officials think of ways to capitalize and bolster this positive trend.

On the road from Isfahan, upon arrival in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province, there is a tunnel on the Rokh mountain pass. At the other side of the tunnel, lies the historical city of Farokhshahr, famous for its ancient hills. The municipality of Farokhshahr is planning to construct a tourist bridge spanning between the two historical hills of Nur-o-Shohada and Qale Gharat, together covering of 90 hectares.

The pedestrian bridge is 235 meters long, with no middle pier. It will be the longest pedestrian bridge in the province, head of Farokhshahr city council Hossein Kaveh said. The bridge will play a key role in the development of the region’s tourism. It will link the two vast tourist sites.

Other projects in the comprehensive tourism plan of the region include a bazaar, hotels, restaurants, an amusement park, green spaces, and a water display.  Officials are confident that the initiative will attract many travelers, en route to Shahr- Kord, Kaveh said.

The municipality is supporting the projects by boosting construction through loans and subsidies. “We will be utilizing the full capacity in the region. This includes the heritage sites such as the history museum of Salehiha,” Mayor Rahim Jaferi said.