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Geo-Tourism International Conference

Geo-Tourism International ConferenceGeo-Tourism International Conference

An international conference on geo-tourism is to be held next year in Lorestan Province, said the director general of Zagros Region Geology Center, Zahir Heidarinejad. The province with its many geological parks, such as Poldokhtar Geo Park, was appointed as the country’s geo-tourism capital by the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) organization, late last year. The beautiful natural resources of the province and its great geo-tourism potential have been highlighted by the governor general and among the main tools to be used for attracting greater investment and development.  An international conference on the subject will provide a platform to target domestic and international investment, he added, ISNA reported. To come up with an effective development plan, experts will participate in the conference to give the necessary clout, and scientific weight. The Khorram Abad Chamber of Commerce, Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research (ACECR) in Lorestan, and GSI are hosting the conference, Heidarinejad noted.