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Trilateral Rail Investment

Trilateral Rail InvestmentTrilateral Rail Investment

Iran is preparing for a trilateral investment with Azerbaijan and Russia for the completion of Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali-Astara railway, IRNA reported, quoting minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi.

In a meeting with Azeri minister of Economy and Industry Shahin Mustafayev, two short-term projects were proposed for fast implementation of Iran – Azerbaijan railway, Akhundi said.


First project is extension of Azerbaijan railway to Iranian Astara for transportation of commodities from Azerbaijan to Iran by railway.

There is still 8 km distance left between Azeri end of railway and the shared border of the two countries, which can be covered soon.

From Astara commodities can be carried on trucks to Qazvin where trains would be loaded before heading for Bandar Abbas, capital of Hormozgan Province on the southern coast of Iran.

 Rasht – Anzali Line

The second project is construction of the 40 km Rasht-Anzali railway. The goods shipped from Azerbaijan Republic to Iran’s Anzali Port can be reloaded on trains to be taken to Bandar Abbas.

Also, Iran-Turkmenistan railroad will be connected in Incheh Boron border, and from there it will extend to Kazakhstan and then to Russia and China, Akhundi added.

Pointing to the strategic position of Iran in linking north and south, Mutafayef said, Azerbaijan intends to play an active role in connecting Russia to south Iran, and completion of North-South Corridor will bring about long-term profits for the three countries.