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Free Land for Hotel Construction in Lorestan

Free Land for Hotel Construction in LorestanFree Land for Hotel Construction in Lorestan

Free land will be given to those interested in building four or five star hotels in Lorestan Province, announced the director general of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organiaztion (ICHHTO) in Lorestan province, Abdolreza Mohajeri Nejad.

Following the visit to the province by Masoud Soltanifar, head of ICHHTO, it was decided that Lorestan should be recognized as a tourist destination not just a transit route where visitors stop for a very short period, the official told ISNA.

Lorestan, which means “land of the Lurs”  is one of the oldest territories of Iran.  It has a temperate climate, and the vernal nature of the Koohdasht plains, its majestic mountains and green fields make it a very pleasant place to visit.  There also are many historical monuments around Khorram Abad including Falakol Aflak Castle, which is amongst the most important structures built during the Sassanid era.

“Up until two years ago no private sector investment had been made in the province. We are making an effort to attract private investors through incentives such as facilitating procedure for receiving loans “, he asserted.

Mohajeri Nejad said it has been further proposed that making those who invest in hotel construction projects tax exempt; thus they are both given free land, and do not have to pay any tax for the project.

Investment requires security and all provincial authorities including the judiciary, governor general’s office, and cultural heritage officials to collaborate and provide the necessary security for the investors, he noted, adding that cheap labor is another advantage that makes it easier for investors to start projects.

Mohajeri Nejad said apart from domestic investors, officials are also trying to attract international investments.