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Flood in 6 Millennium BC

Flood in 6 Millennium BCFlood in 6 Millennium BC

Around 6 millennium BC, an ancient settlement in Arjan, Khuzestan Province, was washed away by a flood. Archaeological explorations of the ancient city revealed evidence of a people who lived 8,000 years ago on the site, who fled after a flood, CHTN reported.

Last year (started March 2013) a small area of the ancient city was excavated. But the archaeology team now has plan to expand the exploration, head of Arjan archaeology team Abbas Moqadam said.

The findings about the flood have helped the archaeologists to better understand the environmental context of the period. The site was first found when the National Iranian South Oil Company started drilling for oil. The oil extraction project of the company in Arjan district was partly halted when Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization excavated a large area of the ancient site.

“In southwest Iran, especially the alluvial plains, we are challenged by the fact that many historical sites are buried under the deposits of silt and gravel,” Moqadam added.