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Fitur, Spain, a chance to compete globally

Fitur, Spain, a chance to compete globallyFitur, Spain, a chance to compete globally

The Fitur International Tourism Fair 2015 will be held in Madrid, Spain, from Januray 28 to February 1 and Iran plans to use the opportunity to “effectively introduce its attractions and its market potential in the tourism industry”, said Morteza Rahmani Movahed, the tourism deputy of Iran’s cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism organization (ICHHTO).

It is a promotional showcase, presenting products and services on offer in Spain and abroad, with some 11,000 companies taking part. It is an ideal place for making commercial connections to develop future business.

Fitur has a long history in the world tourism market and is therefore a significant platform for countries to compete at a global level, added the official, speaking in a briefing meeting for Fitur International Tourism Fair 2015, CHTN quoted him as saying.

Iranian handicrafts will also be exhibited at the fair, with a number of independent travel services and agencies. This being said Rahmani Movahed emphasizaed that Iran will be presenting a united front at Fitur, all parts representing a whole.

Rahmani Movahed announced that to better present Iran, ICHHTO will be also closely collaborating with Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The CEO of Iran Touring and Automobile Club, Abolghasem  Iraji, during the same meeting said that Fitur is one of the largest tourism exhibitions in the markets of Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Africa, and Asia and is considered a reference point for tourism.

Participating in the fair brings about many advantages including exchanging of ideas, information, and experiences relating to the tourism industry, keeping contact with existing clients and customers, sourcing new ones, identifying new destinations, attracting international media attention, and finding the opportunity for holding conferences, symposiums, seminars, and side events, he added.

Tour and travel companies, hotels and lodging facility managers, transport companies, tourism service bodies, tourism industry media networks (outlets), tourism schools and training centers are among the main attendees of Fitur.

The Fitur exhibition hall and venue covers an area over 1 million sq.m.. The Iran pavilion in the fair is located in hall number 6 and covering a 267 sq.m. space.

Iran Dustan, Aito Iran Tours, Shideh Shiraz, Aras, Arshiyan Salar, Arg-e Jadid, Mahour Gasht Yazd, Kahkeshan Rah-e Parvaz, Marcopolo, Top Tours, Shahr-e Raz, Yazd Tourism Development Company, and Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) are representing Iran at Fitur 2015.

Iraji added that live traditional music, traditional clothing exhibitions and shows, and tourism and Iran knowledge quizzes and competitions are among the cultural programs of the Iranian delegation during the fair.

Specialist meetings on tourism issues will be held adjacent to the fair. Various cultural promotional items will also be presented to the visitors such as brochures, catalogues, bags, and booklets.

Three craftsmen in the fields of miniature, copper Toreutics, and jewelry-making and design will also attend from Iran.