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Iran's Qeshm Island: Once a Star Fell Here

Once a Star Fell HereOnce a Star Fell Here

Centuries ago, a shooting star landed on the island and trenched a valley in its path, some locals believe or just say. This is why the alien-looking valley on Qeshm island in the Strait of Hormoz is called valley of Stars (Persian: Darre Setaregan). The local name is Estare-Kofte or ‘Once a Star Fell Here’, MNA reported.

To break such reveries, the Valley of Stars is a product of erosion. Winds and rainfall have been carving the valley since the Cenozoic era or the age of mammals.

The valley is located in Berkeh Khalaf village, about 15 km from Qeshm city. Some 10 meters lower than the surrounding plateau, it is a magnificent gallery of natural features, including ridges, pillars, cones, bridges, arches, and various cavities, all made of sands and natural cement.

The wind blows between the ridges and howls throughout the valley. The howling reverberates due to the peripheral walls, inducing a mysterious mood. Locals believe the valley is haunted by jinns or spirits. They do not prefer to linger in the valley when it gets dark.