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Skiers Invited to Khoshako Slopes

Skiers Invited to Khoshako SlopesSkiers Invited to Khoshako Slopes

With an upgrade and better infrastructure, the Khoshako ski resort in Urumia is set to compete with the best.  Boasting as the largest and most scenic ski resort in the country, it awaits ski and snowboard enthusiasts from the world over.  

Located in the beautiful West Azerbaijan Province, Khoshako has the capacity to attract foreign tourists, as well as host national and international events.

The resort had been largely overlooked as a major ski destination in recent years, due in part to mismanagement, and was overshadowed by the older known ski resorts of Dizin and Shemshak, close to Tehran, Mehr news agency reported.

“Even the most basic of amenities were unavailable at the resort then,” said the secretary of the ski board of West Azerbaijan Province.  

There was limited road access and with inadequate services due to a lack of infrastructure.

The new appointed members to the Sport and Youth Organization last summer have made a great contribution to its development.  They have helped to remove obstacles to help build the required infrastructure,” Amiri said.

“We are now well-equipped with all the required facilities that are required to attract tourists,” he added.  These include four ski lifts which can also be used by amateur athletes, he added.

The resort has the capacity to host between 800-1000 skiers, according to Amiri.

He noted that due to its favorable climate, the resort can also be used for grass skiing as well in the summer.