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Archaeology Meets Documentary

Archaeology Meets DocumentaryArchaeology Meets Documentary

The first international meeting on archaeology and documentary cinema started on January 5, CHTN reported. Head of research institute at Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Seyed Mohammad Beheshti in his opening speech urged film-makers to pay special attention to archaeology. Heritage deputy of ICHHTO Mohammad Hossein Talebian also spoke. Many archaeology researches refer to films of field projects, such as explorative, restorative, or preservative operations. Documentaries can be helpful in identification of faults and merits in archaeological projects. In the past years, making documentaries from archaeological operations was banned for security issues. Now creating awareness through the media has found a special place, and a documentarian always accompanies the archaeology team. The documentaries can help involve laymen in the subject. Research deputy of the Documentary & Experimental Film Center Alireza Qasemkhani assured that the center will create better interaction between documentarians and archaeologists.