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Tour Guides Hailed

Tour Guides HailedTour Guides Hailed

Tour guides are “cultural ambassadors” of the country, said the managing director of Diplomacy Department at the ministry of foreign affairs and appreciated the role they played. Visiting the newly established Yazd Tourist Home, Mohammad Reza Mirza-Aghayi called for fostering interaction between Iranian tourism NGOs and government institutions and their foreign counterparts, “as such relationships can be viewed as cultural diplomatic instruments”, ISNA reported. Addressing the representatives of tourism NGOs, he said “the manner and behavior of tour guides are reflection of Iranian and Islamic culture”, and described the tour guides’ role as significant in encouraging the nationals of other countries to travel to Iran. He also urged the cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism advocates to become professional in their fields of activity. Bahman Meshkini, advisor to the ministry of interior in social affairs, who was also present at the meeting, called for enhanced participation of people “which leads to increased synchrony” in the field of tourism.