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Desert Tower to Help Promote Kerman Tourism

Desert Tower to Help Promote Kerman TourismDesert Tower to Help Promote Kerman Tourism

To boost and complete tourism infrastructure in Kerman Province and offer better services to domestic and foreign tourists visiting Kerman attractions, a major tourism complex project was launched last week.

The Desert Tourism Tower project is expected to address the development of the tourism industry and to meet the needs of the increasing number of tourists visiting the province, said deputy for investment at Kerman provincial Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Mohammad Hossein Tajali.

He, however, stressed that before any broad advertising, the required infrastructure including the recreation and lodging centers, should be established, MNA reported.

The legal procedure for launching the project has been carried out and it will be operational within three years, stated investor of the project, Mitra Azimi.

pointing to the variety of historical and natural attractions of Kerman, she noted that it has all the facilities needed by tourists. “In addition to answering tourism needs, the tower will provide a place for presenting provincial handicrafts.”

The 17-floor Desert Tourism Tower is being constructed by Azimi’s company, “Setareh Khesht-maal Aseman Kerman”, in an area of 25,000 square meters.  The complex consists of sport centers, lodging suites, ceremony and conference halls, handicrafts center (exhibitions and classes), billiards saloons, bowling courts, multi storey parking, and a special concert hall.