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Was There a Letter?

Was There  a Letter?Was There  a Letter?

On December 30, various news sources reported that the State Inspectorate Organization of Iran had sent a letter to the Department of Environment (DoE), ordering suspension of the construction of tourism facilities on Ashuradeh island, Mazandaran Province. Saeed Shirkavand, investment and planning deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) denied the existence of such a letter from the inspectorate, either to the DoE or ICHHTO. “It is not known on what basis such claims were made,” he said. The government’s decision to turn the island into a tourist hub was made after considering all relevant environmental concerns and standards, Shirkavand pointed out. The projects focus on eco-tourism, and the comprehensive plan has not been devised yet. Naturally, no construction has started, let alone been suspended, Shirkavand said. According to the memorandum of understanding signed between the DoE and ICHHTO, any project on the island, will need prior approval of both organizations, and should follow environmental standards, he said, and expressed regret over the “fabricated news”.