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Adventure Tourism Workshop

Adventure Tourism WorkshopAdventure Tourism Workshop

The First Special Workshop on Adventure Tourism will be held on January 4, public relations office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) reported.

The workshop aims to organize and improve adventure tours across the country. According to the secretary of eco-tourism national committee Mohammad Ali Fayyazi, the workshop is on 5 themes, namely,

- introduction of adventure tourist capacities, and necessity of standards

- reviewing international standards on adventure tourism

- safety and rescue in eco-tourism

- introduction of eco-rafting plans, responsible sailing, and observance of environmental principles and social norms of the location.

- via ferrata or a climbing route protected with metal fixtures

The workshop will also feature an exhibition of adventure tourism gear and equipment. As a subcategory of eco-tourism, adventure tourism always involves risks and challenges. “Adventure tourorganizers should do their best to contain their activities within a safe framework. Some safety standards have been compiled by eco-tourism national committee, and will be introduced to the participants of the workshop,” Fayyazi said.

The safety standards are in accord with international norms. Last year, they were reviewed and excerpted by the tourism department of ICHHTO with the cooperation of the National Standard Organization.

The standards were later circularized to all tourist centers under the title of “standards for adventure tourism and qualifications for tour organizing”.

Under the auspices of the Rafting Association, the workshop will be conducted at ICHHTO conference hall on Azadi avenue, at Yadegar highway junction. The workshop will be held from 2 to 5 pm. Participants will receive a training certificate.