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Introduction Tour for 3 Countries

Introduction Tour for 3 CountriesIntroduction Tour for 3 Countries

An introduction tour is being organized for specialized media, investors, tour-organizers, and hoteliers in Germany, China, and Switzerland, ISNA quoted director general of tourism marketing and promotion Mohammad Kazem Kholdinesbat as saying.

The tour will focus on Iran’s desert attractions. It will be conducted between February 12 and 15, 2015 coinciding with Tehran’s International Tourism Exhibition.

Three months ago, another tour of similar nature was conducted for German tour operators. “The tour was positively reflected by the German media; thus we were encouraged to organize more such events and included China and Switzerland in the plan,” Kholdinesbat said.

The 3 countries were targeted due to their considerable potentials for tourist interactions. Swiss tourists and media “will bear good tidings from Iran throughout Europe’, hemaintained.

The tour will introduce new tourist destinations to help distribute foreign tourists across a wider spectrum. Most first-time tourists continue to visit Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd. “We will certainly consider their preference in marketing and tour-organizing; but later, introduce desert attractions to diversify tourist destinations of Iran,” Kholdinesbat added.