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Spreading Awareness

Spreading AwarenessSpreading Awareness

Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) opened its official social network, CHTN quoted public relations office of ICHHTO Dr Hamid Ziaeeparvar as saying. The site address is It contains the footages related to the organization’s missions. According to the new policies of ICHHTO, virtual networks are being used to create public awareness, Ziaeeparvar said. In terms of information transfer speed, no other media is comparable with virtual social networks, head of ICHHTO Masud Soltanifar said. Thus he emphasized the wise and prudent management of the networks, Ziaeeparvar added. The strategy of ICHHTO’s presence in virtual social networks has been devised. It will be operational in scheduled phases. The plan is aimed to create large scale public awareness among both domestic and foreign audience, and promote Iranian handicrafts and traditional arts.