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Twitter Link on Iran Travel

Twitter Link on Iran Travel Twitter Link on Iran Travel

As an incentive to attract public participation in promoting the Tehran International Tourism Exhibition in the cyber world, a twitter link has been designated specifically for people to share their experiences of traveling to Iran.

“A national resolve has taken shape to introduce the country’s touristic potential and invite foreigners to attend the tourism exhibition. “#tehransmiles” is a twitter hashtag through which people from all over the world can include their memories and experiences from their journeys to Iran under a common slogan: “The Smile of Tehran, Capital of Iran”, said Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) deputy of tourism, Morteza Rahmani Movahed.

The tourism expo will be held in Tehran from February 12 to 15, at the capital’s permanent grounds for international exhibitions.

ICHHTO officials promised that this year’s exhibition “will be quite different and on a level noteworthy of Iran’s civilization, history, and culture.”

Pointing to the fact that development and expansion of capabilities in the virtual world have revolutionized the traditional methods of attracting tourists, Movahed added that people intending to travel “get the required information fast and organize their trips accordingly”. That is why domestic Internet users can be of great assistance to portray Iran as an ideal tourist destination.

“By getting help from the people, tourism can become a significant industry to provide jobs and be a major income generator “, he noted.

The world’s view towards Iran is changing following the change in government policies after president Rouhani took office in the summer of 2013. The new outlook has created a chance for the tourism industry to expand, but “it needs a boost through initiatives such as international exhibitions, effective advertising, intelligent marketing, and inviting other successful countries to help us by sharing their experience’, he added.