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Hunted Down by His Kill

Hunted Down by His KillHunted Down by His Kill

A photo of a hunted bear gave away the hunter, IRNA quoted public relations office of Golestan’s Department of Environment (DoE) as stating.

The police of Aliabad-Katul county, Golestan Province arrested a man suspected of dealing in narcotics. They searched him and went through his cell phone. One of the pictures saved in his picture gallery showed him posing with a shotgun in hand, beside the body of a slain bear.

The case was passed to the DoE in Aliabad-Katul. Interrogated by the officials, the culprit confessed to killing the brown bear in Balachli district of Aliabad-Katul. He was handed over to the judicial authorities.

During the past month, 9 illegal hunters were arrested in Golestan National Park. The violations included hunting, entrapment of birds, and illegal grazing. Within the same period, 31 road kills were reported in the national park, mostly crows, boars, jackals, martens, finches, and a young gazelle.