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Book on Grading Hotels in Iran

Book on Grading Hotels in IranBook on Grading Hotels in Iran

A book on ‘Grading Iranian Hotels’ was unveiled at a ceremony in Kish Island on December 25.

Today, tourism has become an art rather than an industry, stated the author of the book, Fazlollah Javadpour at the ceremony, adding that “this art means to pay more attention and care to others”, IRNA quoted him as saying.

Hotels and other lodging facilities are among the most basic components of the tourism industry and are in need of close attention, he said.

His other book is the “Treasure of the Hotels” on the same theme. Javadpour further noted that the book aims to help the country’s “hospitality industry and hotels promote themselves” to high standards in quality and quantity, based on the guidelines of the International Standard Organization.

The world tourism organization has set a list of criteria globally to monitor hotels and grade them. Unfortunately in Iran, this aspect has been neglected. The hotel expert emphasized that a standard framework needs to be defined for tourism and added that one of the main issues “is observing the rights of tourists and visitors, and providing a list of graded hotels is among those rights.” Respecting guests is a belief in all religions especially Islam, said Javadpour.

  Academic Use

The book is compiled based on the latest international regulations of hospitality industry and can be used in academic and educational as well as touristic centers and hotels.

The cultural and social deputy of Kish Free Zone Organization, Ebrahim Rezvani said “a hospitable and welcoming demeanor can represent the culture of a country and attract people to visit it.”

The book itself in 149 pages and 2000 copies has been published by Amir Kabir publications.

Ali Akbar Farhangi, professor of management and communications has prefaced the book a part of which reads: “The income from tourism is the best and most flawless income for a country as no commodity is sent out and no harm is done to the environment; and thousands of people are provided with occupation while helping the economy of the households and society alike.”

Priced at $3, readers will find useful information on Iranian hotels in 5 chapters including general information, minimum standards of a hotel, ranking based on global standards, regulations of grading, and the check list for grading.

Javadpour is a Master’s degree holder in tourism and hotel management from Ankara University.