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Endowment Org. Joins ICHHTO

Endowment Org. Joins ICHHTOEndowment Org. Joins ICHHTO

Ardebil Endowment and Charity Organization and the provincial Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization (ICHHTO) will start cooperating to restore the endowed monuments of the province,  Mehr News quoted director general of the provincial ICHHTO Karim Hajizadeh as saying.

Hajizadeh met the head of Ardebil’s endowment organization on December 25 to announce the organization’s readiness to start restorative work on the monuments, and discuss collaboration by the two organizations.

“Preservation of the historical buildings is ICHHTO’s responsibility, though the cooperation of the provincial Endowment and Charity Organization is vital in this regard”, said the director general. ICHHTO will provide the endowment organization with free materials for restoration of historical buildings, Hajizadeh said, expressing hope that the cooperation will prevent further destruction of the heritage monuments.

Among the first monuments to undergo restoration, will be the historical building, the Hosseiniah of Mirza Mohsen Mojtahed Ardebili, where the scholar Mirza Mohsen had lived. The venue is used for congregations, especially during Muharram and Safar, the sacred months of the Islamic calendar.