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Kharbas Coral Caves

Kharbas Coral CavesKharbas Coral Caves

On the isle of Qeshm in Hormozgan Province, 15th km off Qeshm town is Kharbas village, where there are coral caves attracting both eco-tourists and culture enthusiasts, as stated in

The complex of the caves, partly manmade, partly natural is named Kharbas or Kharbaz after the nearby village which has been there since the Sassanid era, when it was a thriving city due to its trade with India, China, and Africa.

Nestled in the heights overlooking Kharbas village, there are architectural caverns cut into the coral rocks. There are four inter-connected caverns on the slopes of the mountain.

It is said the caves emerged 2,800 years ago, when water levels fell. The architecture was however added during the Median empire (728 – 550 BC).

Some believe that the place may have been used for the occult practices of the Mithraic cult or of Anahita.