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Isfahan Competing for Top Spot

Isfahan Competing for Top SpotIsfahan Competing for Top Spot

In the latest list of 23 places as must-see places of the world in 2015, published by Business Insider Australia, the city of Isfahan in Iran is the fourth city suggested to travel-lovers to visit.

Major developments, cultural trends, and global festivals have been mentioned as criteria to find the hottest places to travel around the world in 2015.

Isfahan completes a list of very well-known places and cities around the world such as Florence (Italy), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Queens in New York City (the USA), Lima (Peru), Cape Town (South Africa), Myanmar, Namibia, Slovenia, and so on.

The author of the article in Business Insider starts the piece to introduce Isfahan as a perfect destination with the following title: “Iran will be the new tourism hotspot in the Middle East”.

In another part the article reads: “Iran is becoming a tourist hotspot, with tour operators reporting significant increases in tourists booking trips to the Middle Eastern country. Perhaps that’s because of a slight thaw in its relationships with the West, or simply because of the allure of exploring a little-known destination with few other tourists around.”

“The country is home to ancient cities with breathtaking mosques and gorgeous natural landscapes. Popular cities with tourists are Isfahan and Tehran, but people also travel to see the ruins at Persepolis, the tombs at Shiraz, and the beaches on the Caspian Sea,” the article explains.