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French Government Urged to End Air Control Strikes

French Government Urged to End Air Control Strikes
French Government Urged to End Air Control Strikes

Ryanair has called on French President Emmanuel Macron and the European Commission to take “immediate action” to end the latest wave of air traffic control (ATC) strikes taking place on Tuesday.

The low-cost carrier said it had been forced to ground 110 flights on Tuesday with further cancellations and delays likely due to the national walkout by French ATC unions, Ttgmedia reported.

The airline advised passengers due to travel today to check the status of their flight on its website before going to the airport, while British Airways and easyJet warned the industrial action could lead to disruption.

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said, "President Macron’s government has announced a major transformation of French labor laws, but it appears nothing changes when it comes to air traffic control disruption and unions holding Europe to ransom."

French air traffic control unions have announced further strike action this week.

"If the French government is serious about changing France, they should start by tackling these air traffic control unions and together with the European Commission, should take immediate action to prevent thousands of European consumers from having their travel plans disrupted by a tiny group of ATC unions going on strike once again," the official said.

Ryanair called on the European Commission to introduce three measures that it claimed would alleviate the impact of ATC strikes.

The methods include requiring French ATC unions to engage in binding arbitration instead of strikes, allow Europe’s other controllers to operate flights over France during strikes and protect flights over France under minimum service obligations.



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