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Carpets Donated to Museum

Carpets Donated  to MuseumCarpets Donated  to Museum

A benevolent act saw 120 exquisite carpets donated to a carpet museum in Markazi Province, CHTN quoted public relations office of the provincial Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) as stating. The carpets which represent a major art history of the province were donated by Ebrahim Hosseinjani, a carpet manufacturer and merchant. They were purchased from European countries and returned to Iran, said director general of the provincial ICHHTO Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, who could not estimate the value of the carpets, but added that “one cannot set a price on the artistry of the province’s carpet weavers”. The ICHHTO of Markazi Province is revamping one of the governorate’s buildings to be used as a temporary museum for public display of the carpets until an official museum can be established for this purpose. The temporary museum will open in March.