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Historical Relics to Return From German Exhibition in a Week

Historical Relics to Return From German Exhibition in a WeekHistorical Relics to Return From German Exhibition in a Week

The ancient relics displayed in an exhibition from April 14 to July 23 in Germany will be returned to Iran within a week, the head of Iran National Museum said.

Speaking to ISNA, Jebreil Nokandeh added that 446 antiquities, which were borrowed by Bonn’s Bundeskunsthalle Museum, will be sent back to Iran by September 11.

The exhibition titled “Iran, Ancient Culture Between Water and Desert” featured items showing how people lived in the region from the 6th millennium BC until the Achaemenid dynasty was founded in 550 BC.

Statues of wild animals, mythical creatures, jewelry from the tomb of princesses and pots are among artifacts belonging to different civilizations, which were exhibited at the event.

“The items collected from museums in Isfahan, West Azarbaijan, Khuzestan and Kerman provinces will be delivered to their sources on the due date,” the official said.

Nokandeh explained that given the sensitivity of the items, packing would be carried out under the supervision of a team comprising Iranian and German experts to ensure their safety during transportation.  

According to the official, during the 108-day long show, 118,000 people visited the exhibition and a record-breaking 5,000 catalogues were sold. Reportedly, the catalogue is going to be translated in Persian and published in Tehran.

Officials believe that such exhibitions help promote Iran and highlight Iranian abilities to safeguard artifacts and manage museums.

Such collaborations can showcase a part of Iran’s culture and history, providing a great opportunity for people who are not able to travel long distances to experience the country’s ancient culture from close.

According to Nokandeh, the idea of holding a similar show in Tehran upon the items’ arrival has been proposed by culture lovers, but it is not possible.

“Unfortunately, there is not enough free space in Tehran Museum halls to accommodate the large number of items,” he said, adding that museums have no free time in their schedule until next May.

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