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UK Airports Urged to Curb Drinking Problem

UK Airports Urged to Curb Drinking ProblemUK Airports Urged to Curb Drinking Problem

Budget airline Ryanair is calling on British airports to curb alcohol sales following sharp increases in the number of incidents involving disruptive passengers.

The carrier issued a statement on Monday calling for a ban on alcohol sales before 10 a.m. and for limiting the number of drinks in bars and restaurants to a maximum of two, AP reported.

The airline cited Civil Aviation Authority statistics showing a 600% increase in disruptive incidents between 2012 and 2016 and said most involved alcohol.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs says it’s unfair “that airports can profit from the unlimited sale of alcohol to passengers and leave the airlines to deal with the safety consequences”.

The airline says it has taken steps to prevent disruptive behavior on its flights, including preventing consumption of duty-free alcohol purchases on board.

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