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The Girl Who Took a Detour

The Girl Who Took a DetourThe Girl Who Took a Detour

A few visits to Mesr Desert in Khur-Biabanak, Isfahan Province, and Marzieh Qaderi, 27, who has studied graphics and illustration, decided to pack her things and move from Isfahan city to Mesr village.

There in the village, Marzieh has a new plan for her future. Supported by her father, she is building a guest-house which she calls Biraheh ‘Pathless’. She doesn’t know much about tourism and the like; she just doesn’t feel like sitting at the desk, and prefers living under the desert sun, reports ISNA.

In her past visits to Mesr and surrounding deserts, she took a liking to the village and its people, gradually wanting to be one of them.

She also considers teaching at school. “Since I can connect with kids easily, I paid some visits to the village school, and now I’m supposed to teach the kids paintings and poetry,” she said.

Her guest-house will hopefully be ready within 2 months. With 10 rooms, it can accommodate up to 40 travelers, but she does not expect it to be house-full; she is focusing on travelers who are not guided by tours.

Marzieh has many other ideas, including opening a desert cafe with a permanent exhibition of paintings and tourists’ photos. At the cafe, she intends to establish “cultural space where the youth can read books.”

Few Iranian tourists come to deserts to enjoy the serenity. But foreign tourists have a different view. They appreciate the silence of the desert and the exceptional sky above, she said.