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Beigan Tourist Village

Beigan  Tourist VillageBeigan  Tourist Village

An area of 230 hectares in Beigan, 15 km west of Shirvan city, North Khorasan, was granted to the provincial department of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), CHTN reported. The land is planned for a tribal village, public relations office of the provincial ICHHTO quoted the director general of the body Adineh Mohammad Soydanlui as saying. The preliminary studies are being conducted by Azad University of Shirvan and the university head Mohammad Qaderi  said “ the tribal village can boost rural and eco-tourism of the region, while creating many job opportunities”. Head of the tourism department of the provincial ICHHTO Mohsen Abbasi said, the tourist village can have a combination of tourist attractions such as folk music, traditional cuisine, local processed products, handicrafts, desert hike, Khorasan’s ‘bachukheh wrestling’, and related sport activities. According to eco-tourism expert Sadrifar, North Khorasan enjoys all four seasons, 434,000 hectares of forests, and 2,200 nomad families.