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Restoration of Lorestan Heritage Sites Overlooked

Lorestan Province is home to some 271 hectares of historical texture.Lorestan Province is home to some 271 hectares of historical texture.

Historical structures in the western province of Lorestan are in dire need of restoration to save them from falling into disrepair and turn them into sites of attraction, a deputy minister of roads and urban development said.

"Due to a lack of attention given to the renovation of historical sites, cities like Boroujerd have struggled to reach their potential in tourism and are on the verge of losing their ability to attract tourists," IRNA quoted Mohammad Saeed Izadi as saying.

Lorestan Province is home to some 271 hectares of historical texture and 219 hectares of old fabric in need of restoration.

"Piloting projects to restore heritage sites in ruins in Lorestan can help the province's tourism industry," he said, adding that the success of pilot schemes in Lorestan can lead to the launch of similar projects in other small provinces.

Iran’s Revitalization and Utilization Fund for Historical Places (known by its Persian acronym Sabta), which owns most historical sites in need of repairs, aims to cede 100 buildings to the private sector every year for restoration, which means 1,084 buildings, will be ready for use by the end of the 2025 Vision Plan.

Emphasizing the important role of the private sector in restoring historical sites, Izadi said private funding is integral to restoration projects as the government alone lacks the budget to execute them.

Most buildings owned by Sabta are only ceded to investors who pledge to turn the sites into lodging facilities. Officials hope to compensate for Iran's woefully underdeveloped hotel sector by increasing the sector's capacity to host tourists by restoring old mansions.

A country with a rich history, Iran is home to a large number of old mansions and buildings that can contribute to its tourism industry if restored and managed properly.


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