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Signs at London Tower Plead for No Selfies

Signs at London Tower Plead for No SelfiesSigns at London Tower Plead for No Selfies

Residents who live near Grenfell Tower in London have expressed heartbreak and outrage after spotting visitors taking selfies at the site of last week's deadly fire. Signs have been erected near the site pleading with visitors to "stop taking pictures, please" and "stop taking selfies", CNN reported.

"Not a tourist attraction," other signs proclaim. It's not clear who created the signs or when they were first posted. The signs also don't appear to be created by the same person.

Natasha Gordon, a London resident who said her family and friends lived in the tower, said she has seen visitors take photos in front of the tower's charred remains.

"There have been loads [of people]," she told CNN. "People taking this as a party, disrespectfully coming to take photos without even so much as leaving flowers or a card."

Wayne Kilo Lewis is another London resident who lived near Grenfell Tower for 28 years and said he lost several friends in the fire.

"It was such a disgrace to see people taking selfies with the tower behind them, thinking it was OK to do that in front of residents and people who lost their loved ones in the fire," he told CNN.

At least 79 people have been declared or presumed dead after the June 14 inferno. Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said on Monday the death toll may change.

Only five victims have been identified so far.

Seventeen people are still being treated in London hospitals, nine of whom remain in critical condition, the UK Press Association reported.


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