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Foreign Tourists in Kashan Up 62%

Foreign Tourists in Kashan Up 62%Foreign Tourists in Kashan Up 62%

Around 16,300 foreign travelers visited the historical city of Kashan in Isfahan Province between April 4 and June 5 this year, registering a 62% increase compared with the corresponding period of a year ago, an official at the Statistical Center of Iran said.

Some 10,300 international tourists traveled to Kashan during the same period in 2016.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Alireza Abdollahzadeh, a data analyst at the center, said French tourists made up the bulk of foreign travelers in the city, IRNA reported.

"The French accounted for 6,000 tourists, or 37%, of the all tourists during the period," he said.

Notable towns around Kashan are Qamsar and Abyaneh, which attract tourists all year round. The nearby town of Niasar features a manmade cave and fireplace of historical interest.

Kashan is internationally famous for its carpets, silk and other textiles. The city houses most of Iran's mechanized carpet-weaving factories and has an active marble and copper mining industry. With a population of 253,000, Kashan is an oasis city located on the edge of Dasht-e-Kavir (Kavir Desert).

It is home to 1,700 ancient structures, including Fin Garden complex, a world heritage site. Kashan's national museum is located at the complex, boasting a beautiful collection of Iranian ceramics and calligraphy, and showcases exquisite specimens of velvet and brocade.

The city is particularly famous for the plethora of 18th-and 19th-century mansions, including the Manouchehri House and Ameris House.  So far, 213 historical structures in the city have been inscribed on the National Heritage List.


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