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Restoration of Roudkhan Towers Progressing Well

Restoration of Roudkhan Towers Progressing WellRestoration of Roudkhan Towers Progressing Well

Restoration of the towers of Roudkhan Castle, a historical site in the northern province of Gilan, will be complete by the end of the current Iranian year (ends March 20, 2018), the head of the provincial office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said.

“About half of the castle’s 40 watchtowers are in dire need of restoration,” ILNA quoted Reza Alizadeh as saying.

The restoration project is about 60% complete and thanks to the government’s financial support, “it is expected to finish by the yearend”.

Hidden in the humid green forests of Gilan Province, Roudkhan Castle is a medieval military fortress that predates the advent of Islam in Iran.

It is a brick and stone medieval castle, located 25 kilometers southwest of Fuman City in Gilan.

Roudkhan Castle’s watchtowers are located along a wall that stretches 1,600 meters. The well-built defensive structure posed a challenge to those planning to breach the fortification.

It was built during the reign of the Sassanid Empire (224–651 AD) and some believe the structure was restored during the late 11th century.

The castle is built on two tips of a mount with an area of 2.6 hectares. The building’s architects had benefited from natural mountainous features in the castle’s construction.

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