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N.Korea Encourages Tourism

N.Korea Encourages TourismN.Korea Encourages Tourism

North Korea is launching a web site to attract tourists. Different areas of the site,, highlight a variety of North Korea’s attractions, from a pyramid-themed water park to aspects of local culture, the Daily Mirror reports. A short film on the homepage welcomes prospective visitors from around the world as Disney-style animation runs through the country’s main attractions, from its sporting prowess to the Masikryong ski resort. The site also provides flight schedules from China, Russia and other foreign cities, lists tourist packages and gives details of luxury hotels. The tourism site is mostly in Korean, with a few English headlines, and includes dozens of photographs of country folk in traditional dress. Thousands of western tourists visit each year, alongside hundreds of thousands from China, Malaysia and Singapore. But entry to the country is only possible through pre-approved tours, and many have been cancelled because of the Ebola ban, which according to official tour web sites is still in place.