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Ryanair Rejects Dutch Tourism Executive’s Accusations

Ryanair says it only transports around 525,000 people to Amsterdam, most of whom are Dutch.Ryanair says it only transports around 525,000 people to Amsterdam, most of whom are Dutch.

Budget airline Ryanair has hit back at a Dutch tourism executive who accused the company of “destroying” European cities.

Amsterdam Marketing chief executive, Frans van der Avert, said “cities are dying from tourism,” reported.

“No one will be living in the historic centers any more. We see lots of visitors with no respect for the character of the city. Low cost carriers create a problem. Ryanair–they are the loudest.”

In a statement, Ryanair’s marketing boss, Kenny Jacobs, accused van der Avert of disrespecting the 14 million tourists who visit Amsterdam every year.

He pointed out that Ryanair only transports around 525,000 people to Amsterdam from Dublin and Malaga and half of those are Dutch.

“Yes, Amsterdam does have a lot of tourists, cities like Barcelona and Prague are also very popular and at certain times of year some locals do consider it too much. But that does not mean you stop tourism or show such disrespect to the tourists that do come as Mr. van der Avert does when he says he wants to “…increase the quality…” of visitors.

“If Mr. van der Avert feels that Amsterdam is only attracting tourists who want to party, he should not criticize the tourists; he should criticize the leadership of the organization responsible for running Amsterdam tourism, who are clearly incapable of marketing the city to tourist segments other than partygoers.

“Wait a minute, that’s Mr. van der Avert’s job!”

Jacobs added that one in 10 Dutch people works in the tourism industry.

“I think Mr. van der Avert needs to wake up and do a better job selling Amsterdam and he should get his facts right and stop disrespecting the tourists who support one in 10 jobs in the Netherlands, including his own.”


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