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Kerman Hills Inscribed on Nat'l Heritage List

Kerman Hills Inscribed on Nat'l Heritage ListKerman Hills Inscribed on Nat'l Heritage List

Gavkoshi Hills in Esfandaqeh rural district in Jiroft, Kerman Province, has been inscribed on the National Heritage List, Jiroft's governor said. "Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization approved Gavkoshi Hills' inscription after reviewing its dossier before the start of the current Iranian year (started March 21)," Ahmad Amini-Ravesh was also quoted as saying by ISNA. "The area will now be protected and financially supported by ICHHTO," he added. Archeological investigations show that human inhabitation in Gavkoshi Hills dates back to 7th-9th century BC. In the center of the area, there is "a unique geometrical structure, which is decorated with red mud". Amini-Ravesh noted that relics such as delicate pieces of clay dishes have been discovered here.


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