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Handicrafts From 31 Provinces in Bushehr

Handicrafts From 31 Provinces  in BushehrHandicrafts From 31 Provinces  in Bushehr

Bushehr’s 6th National Handicrafts Exhibition opens on December 7 and will run until December 11 at the international fair ground of Bushehr, capital of Bushehr Province, CHTN quoted public relations office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) as saying. Artisans of 31 provinces display their products in 120 booths. The products include rugs, traditional saddlery and bags, embroidery, filigree, glass-work, local cloth, ornaments, trinkets, tile-work, lattice tile, inlaid wood and shell work, pottery, also basketry, patent leather, metal-work, felt, musical instruments, calligraphy, packaging, enameling, sculpture, cutlery, and jewelry will be displayed.