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People Settled in Neyriz 35,000 Years Ago

People Settled in Neyriz 35,000 Years AgoPeople Settled in Neyriz 35,000 Years Ago

Archeological excavations in Neyriz County, Fars Province, have revealed people settled in the region some 35,000 years ago, the archeologist heading the excavation said. In the first phase of excavation, a settlement dating back to the Middle Paleolithic-late Islamic period was unearthed,” Hassan Moradi also told reporters on Monday, the official website of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism reported. He said more than 110 historical sites, including stone graves, a cemetery, a cistern, qanats, aqueducts, pools, houses, garden houses, caravansaries, a tomb, a castle, windmills, mosque, bathhouse and ancient trees were found during the excavations. “A great number of these sites are linked to the Islamic era, which suggests Neyriz was a prominent city back then,” he said. “Subject to in-depth studies, the sites could be inscribed on the National Heritage List to receive the necessary protection.” Located in eastern Fars Province, Neyriz was a hub linking Kerman and Fars centuries ago. Moradi said archeological studies have been conducted in Fars for 86 years, but Neyriz is still one of the least well-documented places in the region.


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