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Uncertainty Over Antiquity of Newly-Uncovered Town

Whether or not the town is ancient is up for debate.Whether or not the town is ancient is up for debate.

Recent dust and sand storms in Kerman Province have revealed what is believed to be an ancient site in the city of Fahroj, although cultural heritage officials have yet to confirm the claim.

Gholamreza Nejad Khaleqi, governor general of Fahroj, had previously told ISNA that about 5,000 square meters of a historical town and relics had surfaced from under the ground in a district called Negin Kavir.

"Cultural heritage experts must study the area to estimate the antiquity of the town," he said, adding that security officials are currently visiting the area.

However, the head of the provincial office of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, said it is premature to label the region "historical" without studying it first.

Calling the governor general's statement "unacceptable", Mohammad Vafaei added that only his organization can comment on such matters.

"One cannot claim that an area is historical as soon as several objects appear from under the ground after storms and floods, since they might have been carried from other regions by water or storm," he said.

Vafaei stressed that local cultural heritage officials must be informed immediately so that they can study the area in peace and away from any fanfare.  

"We will then communicate the results to the central office in Tehran and begin excavations after obtaining a permit as well as the funds, equipment and security forces," he added.

A team of experts from ICHHTO have been sent to the area to initiate studies and determine whether the area and the objects are of historical value.

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