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Seven Straits

Seven StraitsSeven Straits

From the steep slopes of Birami mountain range in Bushehr Province brooks of sweet water run down and form 7 major straits:

Tang-Talkh-Ab-Bid, Tang-Baniun, Tang-Ravani, Tang-Geshi, Tang-Yakh, Tang-Ashi, and Tang-Mokhdan, as stated in

One cannot decide which one of the 7 straits is more pleasing, for all of them enjoy moderate weather, quite in contrast with the surrounding hills shimmering under the southern sun.

One brook rushes down to the south of Mokhdan village and runs through the strait of Tang-Mokhdan. There, it flows by cane fields and palm groves, falls and gathers in a basin behind large rocks.

The strait of Tang-Mokhdan is 3 km long. Date, which is among the main products, is recommended as a souvenir from the oasis and the nearby village of Mokhdan. The village is located in Dir rural district. According to the last census, 9 families or 37 people make up the population of the village.