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ICRO Meet on Potential of Overseas Iranians

ICRO Meet on Potential of Overseas IraniansICRO Meet on Potential of Overseas Iranians

The contributions and potentials of Iranian residents in Turkey were discussed during the 16th special meeting of overseas Iranian residents held by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICRO) in Tehran, on Friday.

The former cultural attache of Iran to Ankara, Abolhasan Khalaj-Monfared, gave a speech during the meeting on the history of Iranians’ presence in Turkey and the high status of the Persian language in Turkish culture, IRNA reported.

Monfared said, employment and education opportunities were important factors in drawing Iranians to Turkey, adding that, “Iranians constitute a considerable number of Turkey’s specialists in various fields particularly medicine.”

The director general of ICRO’s office for overseas Iranian affairs who also addressed the meeting, pointed to the necessity of a definite plan to shed light on the organizational collaborations to deal with issues of expatriates.

In keeping with those plans, Hossein Divsalar mentioned a series of events held such as the one on “Iranian’s migration mentality” held several months ago.