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Chogha Zanbil Cultural Corridor

Chogha Zanbil Cultural Corridor  Chogha Zanbil Cultural Corridor

An initiative caIled “Cultural Corridor” is to be launched covering Chogha Zanbil, Shoshtar, and Susa, whereby certain listed buildings and ancient sites are earmarked for conversion to hotels and guest lodgings.  This is with the proviso they abide by international standards for ancient sites and have the consent of the local planning authority, said Khuzestan Province manager of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHN), CHN reported.    

The location of the so-called cultural corridor was selected based on two factors:  First, the historical significance of the area and second as a vehicle to empower the villages in that part of the country.  

The project will commence in Khomat village on the Chogha Zanbil site.  

The focus on the area will in addition bring about the necessary conditions to support a flourishing tourism industry, and provide the requisite resources for preserving the heritage sites.

Facilities considered for the project include lodging, coffee shops, foot paths, parking and air conditioning.

The Shushtar hydraulic system and Chogha Zanbil historical site, in Khuzestan Province, are already inscribed on the world heritage list and the ancient city of Susa will be inscribed in the near future.