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Iran to Host Health Tourism Confab

Iran to Host Health Tourism ConfabIran to Host Health Tourism Confab

The holy city of Mashhad is to host the Islamic Countries’ Health Tourism Conference in 2015, announced Finance Minister Ali Tayyebnia, IRNA reported. Speaking on the sidelines of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), Tayyebnia said that significance of the meeting is that it is held on the 30th anniversary of COMCEC’s establishment and almost all member states are attending the event. “We discussed various issues, including trade and investments, but the main axis of discussions was around tourism, and therefore I proposed Iran to host of the Health Tourism Conference, which was accepted and thus next year be hosting the event,” he added. Tayyebnia said that the existing obstacles in the way of trade relations among the Islamic countries will be surveyed in the COMCEC meeting and Iran will participate actively, as development of trade with Islamic countries is a top priority for Tehran. “Efforts will be focused on increasing the Islamic countries’ share, including Iran’s share, in world trade volume and involvement in international trade,” he said.