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Alborz Natural Reserve

Alborz  Natural ReserveAlborz  Natural Reserve

Alborz Natural Reserve will be established by the end of the Iranian calendar year (March 2015), ILNA reported.  Concurrently, a comprehensive tourism plan for Alborz Province is also set for completion.  During the special session of the provincial tourism working group, supervised by Alborz Province Governor Seyed Hamid Tahaee, 300 hectares from districts of Kalak and Hesar-Visseh, located in Karaj county, have been turned into a natural reserve and refuge for the provincial wildlife.  The session also defined the boundaries of the reserve to end at the Karaj-Chalus road.  The Karaj Municipality was announced as the executive body responsible for the operations of the natural park which is now officially considered as state property. A section of the 300 hectares will be allocated for hotels and tourist centers, Tahaee said.  He regarded the Alborz Natural Reserve as a strategic plan determining the future of the province too.