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Austrian Farmers to Visit Iran

Austrian Farmers  to Visit IranAustrian Farmers  to Visit Iran

Some 60 Austrian farmers will arrive in Iran in late April nest year to visit agricultural farms and gardens in the country. The group in the agriculture and ranching business, will travel for a week to the northern cities, Tehran, Qazvin, Zanjan, and Kashan to see tea farms, flower gardens, rice fields, etc., the organizer of the project, Mohamad Ebrahim Ebrahimi,  told ISNA on Friday. There is certainly more to the visit than site seeing added Ebrahimi, and will most likely entail business deals. Farm tourists or agri-tourists respect village-life and nature and are mindful to not negatively impact the host ecosystem, and appreciate being included in the daily routines and farming activities of the locals with a view to learn from them.