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IATA Demands Change to Info Sharing Database

IATA Demands Change to Info Sharing DatabaseIATA Demands Change to Info Sharing Database

The conflict zone information repository created a year ago in the aftermath of the 2014 shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines MH17 over Ukraine has come under criticism by airlines for what the International Air Transport Association characterizes as its hurried and unconsidered implementation. “It was implemented too quickly without really giving it the appropriate level of thought and consideration of what was actually required by industry,” said Nick Careen, IATA's senior vice president for airport, passenger and cargo security, during a recent industry event, AIN Online reported.  Careen called the initial version of the online repository, hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, “useless” because the information “was not timely and relevant”. ICAO, IATA and other industry organizations, therefore, have taken a step back.  “We are now surveying the industry to understand where they are getting their information and from whom,” he said. “We’re going to identify every possible opportunity of what airlines and others are using for information and come up with a solution.”  Careen noted that security information must be shared effectively among governments and with industry. "There may be sensitivities, but the potential to save innocent citizens must be the motivating factor,” he said.


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