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Sassanid Trade in Tel-Qale

Sassanid Trade in Tel-QaleSassanid Trade in Tel-Qale

A rare discovery was made during excavations of the Tel-Qale site near Seyfabad village in Kazerun county, west Fars Province, CHTN quoted the public relations office of the provincial Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) as saying.

Tel-Qale archaeological site has been under exploration for two months, said Mosayeb Amiri  ICHHTO provincial head. The excavations are conducted by archaeologists Parsa Qasemi, Reza Nowruzi, and Azizollah Rezaee, under the supervision of ICHHTO’s director general’s office. The findings are still under review.

Tel-Qale is a part of a Sassanid site covering an area of 100 hectares. The most significant discovery made at Tel-Qale is a series of earthen beads and also a number of date seeds in the crocks placed within architectural spaces.

The discoveries point to commercial activity at the site during Sassanid era involving the production and export of dates.

Another indication of commercial exchange is the great variety in pottery, glassware, metal ware and stone objects discovered at the site.

Tel-Qale site is located 500 meters north of Seyfabad village. It was discovered in 1983 during gas piping operations which destroyed the central portion of the site.